Utilizing the Sun to our optimum benefit

We need to take a very serious look within ourselves, to see if what we are doing to the future of our world is conducive to our future generations.

We have been very callous, selfish and careless in our quest to generate our energy requirements without much ado about the future and the generations to come.

Every country in the world with the main culprits being the major industrialized countries, except for the poorer nations, have dabbled in very dangerous sources to fulfill our energy requirements.

Australia has now exhausted it’s opportunities for hydro power generation and are unable to build any more such facilities.

Australian public opinion is firmly behind an adamant stand that nuclear facilities would not be tolerated on it’s soil, though there have been calls from some interested sections in the political divide to go nuclear.

With an abundance of sunshine or solar energy and the Sun available 365 days of the year solar power generation is the answer for Australia, stepping into the future.

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The technology is still being developed to find the right combination to convert the optimum solar energy to maximum solar power.

Present day solar systems utilizing the best solar panels are still performing below expectations though they are still creating a wave of interest from a wide cross section of consumers.

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